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SBI Pharmaceuticals is engaged in R&D of "Intra-operative diagnosis for cancer surgery" primarily using 5-ALA. We are striving to provide, by dedicated R&D, safer and more effective pharmaceuticals to the patients suffering from various diseases.

Development of Intra-Operative Diagnostics for Cancer Surgery         

5-ALA has, when metabolized in cells, a specific characteristic of being converted into a fluorescent substance called Protoporphyrin IX (PPIX). Our researches to date have demonstrated that PPIX accumulates in cancer cells and starts fluorescing under the light of a specific wavelength. To make the most of this characteristic, SBI Pharmaceuticals is currently engaged in developing "Intra-operative diagnostics for cancer surgery" to provide a better tool to detect a specific site of cancer tissues during surgical operations.

Release of Intra-Operative Diagnostics for Brain Tumor "ALAGLIO Oral 1.5g"         

"ALAGLIO Oral 1.5g" is an orally administered in-vivo diagnostic agent for Photodynamic Diagnosis (PDD) aiming to visualize tumor tissue during operation to remove malignant glioma. It was placed on market in Japan in September 2013.

Photonamic GmbH & Co. KG (Germany), our business partner, already acquired an approval of the European Medicines Agency and has been marketing it in over 25 European countries including Germany and the UK.

SBI Pharmaceuticals is currently conducting development of an intra-operative diagnostic agent for bladder cancer. This detecting method has been patented in Japan and the USA.

Future of 5-ALA-Based Medicines         

For the purpose of minimizing the number of patients suffering from diseases, SBI Pharmaceuticals is conducting R&D of various medicines by using 5-ALA in collaboration with over 90 universities and hospitals located domestically or abroad.

Product Information               

Agent for photodynamic diagnosis
ALAGLIO Oral 1.5g

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