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Medical Device

SBI Pharmaceuticals is engaged in the development and marketing of the medical devices applicable to various clinical sites.

Research & Development

SBI Pharmaceuticals are, to expand the potential of 5-ALA, conducting research and development in collaboration with various research institutions located domestically and abroad and making efforts in developing novel medical devices and research instruments which have never existed.
Making full use of the basic and applied knowledge on 5-ALA and optical technology held by us, we will extend our assistance to the research and the clinical sites.
We have already developed a violet LD light source for fluorescent diagnosis "VLD-EX" (with the function to detect fluorescent spectrum peculiar to Pp IX) as well as 3 kinds of the medical devices as shown below.

Marketing & Distribution

SBI Pharmaceuticals are engaged in marketing and distribution of the medical devices useful in various clinical sites. Emphasis is laid on the medical light sources, starting with bi-color LED light source, and the devices for research purposes, to which laser and other optical technologies apply. We continue supplying medical devices required for the research on medical care and at clinical sites. Business license for selling and renting specially controlled medical device has been granted since September 2013.
Medical devices are available in Japan only.

Product Information

   Bi-color LED light source
   Aladuck LS-DLED
   (Medical bi-color LED light source for endoscope)

   Violet LD light source
   Alcedo LS-VLD
   (Medical LD light source)

   Ultra high sensitivity CMOS Camera system for endoscope
   (Medical video camera for endoscope)

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