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SBI Pharmaceuticals is conducting development of cosmetics/skin-care products containing 5-ALA as a moisture component for anti-aging.

Skin smoothness

Past studies have revealed that skin moisture content significantly influences skin smoothness. Healthy and normal skin retains enough moisture. However, a decrease in the skin’s moisture content can cause the skin to lose smoothness and elasticity. Moisture is essential in healthy skin and our ability to maintain a youthful appearance.

Body moisture content

Water supports all living things including animals and plants. It is thought that the average adult human body consists of 60-75% water. In newborns it is approximately 80%. However, our body water decreases as we age. In our 20s, it is approximately 75% and decreases to approximately 60% in our 70s. The reduction of moisture levels due to aging is also observed in the skin. Lower moisture levels that occur as we age may result in the usual visible signs of aging. Maintaining optimal moisture is essential for aging skin to regain its smoothness and elasticity.

Our cosmetics products

5-ALA has been found to be an important factor in intracellular metabolism and is involved in energy generation in the cell. It is common scientific knowledge that water is produced as a by-product of the cell’s energy generation process. SBI Pharmaceuticals has focused on such characteristics of 5-ALA that involve the production of water in the cell. In addition, we are conducting research and development of cosmetics containing "5-ALA" as a moisture component. Healthy and smooth skin can be achieved by improving its moisture content. At SBI Pharmaceuticals our research activities focus on developing leading-edge cosmetics and skin-care products that can put the goal of healthy and smooth skin within reach for everyone.

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