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Business Overview

SBI Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd. has been established to provide innovative products in the fields of medicine, cosmetics and health food (dietary supplements), by utilizing 5-ALA (5-Aminolevulinic Acid), which can be mass-produced from the technology developed by COSMO OIL Co., Ltd

The aim of SBI Pharmaceuticals is to enrich our lives through the development of innovative products using 5-ALA

The team at SBI Pharmaceuticals will use its best efforts to meet the challenges in order to provide 5-ALA products to improve the lives of our customers.

Business outline

SBI Pharmaceuticals is conducting research and development for the purpose of utilizing 5-ALA in the following fields.

  • Medicine business: Applied use of 5-ALA for "cancer cell identification" and "cancer diagnosis"
  • Cosmetics business: Development of cosmetics/skin-care products containing 5-ALA as a moisture component.
  • Health Products business: Development of health foods and dietary supplements containing 5-ALA
  • Cancer diagnosis

  • Skin lotion
  • Hand cream
  • Beauty serum

Health Products
  • Supplements
  • Refreshments


In order to expand the potential of 5-ALA, SBI Pharmaceuticals is conducting research and development in our laboratory in KOBE Biomedical Innovation Cluster research laboratories across Japan.

Head Office

The head office of SBI Pharmaceuticals is engaged in planning and development of innovative products based on our research and development activities, product control, and operational management.

Bahrain Office

As a key footing in the middle east, we opened representative office in Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain to conduct clinical researches and marketing of 5-ALA products.

Partner Company

SBI Pharmaceuticals seeks cooperation with value added partners from various fields to develop new business.

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