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5-ALA-a substance as a source of life

5-ALA is an abbreviation for 5-Aminolevulinic Acid.
5-ALA is an amino acid found in animals and plants. It is an ingredient for hemoglobin in blood and chlorophyll. It is very important for energy generation in living bodies.

5-ALA-a natural amino acid

5-ALA is contained in many foods that we eat daily. In particular, shochu lees and red wine, Asian ginseng, radish sprouts, green tea, and vinegar are rich in 5-ALA.

Mass production of 5-ALA by COSMO OIL Co., Ltd.

Historically, 5-ALA has been produced by chemical synthesis methods. The chemical synthesis method is labor intensive and time-consuming resulting in very high production cost. Therefore, the use of 5-ALA has been limited to specialized areas of medicine. However, after many years of research and development, COSMO OIL Co., Ltd. developed a unique and patented process for the mass production of 5-ALA. Cosmo Oil's new low cost method has allowed for the use of 5-ALA in a wide range of applications within the healthcare industry.

The role of 5-ALA in living bodies

5-ALA has growth promoting effects in plants. Many farmers use 5-ALA for cultivation of vegetables, etc. In animals, 5-ALA is involved in production of hemoglobin in blood. Further, studies have revealed that 5-ALA plays a role in the production of adenosine triphosphate (ATP), the critical unit of currency responsible for intracellular energy generation. Therefore, 5-ALA has a positive effect in energy generation in animals.

Potential of 5-ALA

Applied use of 5-ALA is possible in various fields ranging from the field of cosmetics for anti-aging to the field of health food (dietary supplements) for the improvement of anemia, metabolic syndrome, etc. and the field of medicine for intraoperative diagnosis of brain tumors, cancer diagnosis, etc.
Recent studies have revealed that 5-ALA is also involved in the removal of free radicals and the improvement of immunity. The potential of 5-ALA is expected to expand.

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